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  • 3_year_warranty3-year International Warranty – Among the best in the industry

    All our transmitters come with a standard 3-year international warranty that covers replacement of components or the entire unit depending on the failure type. We are the first manufacturer in the industry to cover all shipping costs associated with your warranty replacement or repair to your country when a product is within the first year of warranty.

    assembled_in_usaAssembled and Tested in USA – Quality you can count on

    Final assembly and testing is always done at our USA headquarters in Florida. This ensures consistent quality in all our products, and strict adherence to all FCC rules.

    extended_voltageExtended Voltage Operation – 110 VAC Emergency Operation

    All FM transmitters are designed to work with at least a 220 VDC of input power, but we know emergencies happen! In cases where only 110 VAC is available at the transmitter site, you can always use our transmitters with reduced RF power, keeping you on air and maintaining your loyal listeners engaged with your station and not others.

    secure_electrical_connectionsSecure Electrical Connections – Stay safe, avoid electrical accidents

    Our high power transmitters (2kW+) are equipped with locking AC power connectors. This ensures a solid electrical supply to the transmitter, and complies with worldwide electrical certifications.

    internal_protectionsInternal Protections

    FM transmitter sites are not perfect sometimes, that’s why all our products come with internal protections against: high VSWR, over-temperature, low voltage supply, accidental antenna disconnect, among others.

    internal_tech_support_teamInternational Technical Support Team – Emergencies happen, we have you covered!

    Maintaining a global operation requires a worldwide technical support network. We are proud to announce Evolution Broadcast is the first manufacturer to provide access to our technical support engineers based Europe, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and many other countries in Latin America. Regardless of where you are located, we have an engineer that can speak your language and understands your station needs.

    best_engineering_teamBest Engineering Team – Synergy of talents from different parts of the world

    Our chief technology officer (CTO) has over 35 years of broadcast experience, and was the founder and owner of the DB Electronica Group before forming Evolution Broadcast. His team is comprised of an international team of engineers from some of the best companies in the world that have come to join Evolution as partners. Our team is conformed of RF, audio, software, FPGA programming, mechanical, and graphic design engineers that work full time for us, based at our Florida, Brasil, and Italian offices.

  • digital_qualityDigital Quality – Hear Every Detail

    With more than 35 years of experience, our broadcast engineering team has developed an all new digital FM modulator that produces one of the lowest signal-to-noise ratios giving every station the best sound possible, and also one of the best stereo separation in the industry (-86dB).

    rds_encoderRDS Encoder built – Broadcast Your Station Name, keep your listeners loyal

    We believe every station deserves the right to broadcast their station name and on-air songs by providing all our FM transmitters with a standard dynamic RDS encoder compatible with the latest RDS technologies like RT+, RT, PS, etc and easy connections to most radio automation software in the industry. RDS among some features, allows your station to broadcast all your alternative frequencies, (or stations managed by the same ownership) in order to avoid listeners from switching to a competing station in the same market when your main signal becomes weak.

    signal_limiterFM Limiter – Comply with International Regulation Authorities

    Making our customers comply with all regional and international spectrum regulation authorities is a top priority for us. For this purpose we supply our transmitters with a standard FM limiter in order to avoid over-modulation and possible interference to adjacent stations on the FM dial.

    smart_schedulerSmart Scheduler – Save Money, Control Your Power Levels

    Our smart scheduler allows our users to configure their power levels based on a specific time of the day. This unique function reduces electric power consumption on the FM transmitter generating income through the savings.

    large_front_ledLarge Frontal LED Touch Screen Display – Become modern and give your transmitter site a new look

    All our FM transmitters come with a frontal touch screen display, allowing you to easily configure your product in seconds. This same screens lets you to monitor your total modulation and audio levels from the front screen becoming a valuable asset of your transmitter site, and complying with international regulations.

    built_in_tcpBuilt-In TCP/IP interface for remote monitoring and control – Stay in Control

    Standard internal built-in web server for control and monitoring, completely integrated inside the transmitter and compatible with SNMP protocols.

    built_in_codecBuilt-in Audio codec – Stream Audio Directly to the Transmitters

    Our optional built-in audio codec allows our transmitters to receive digital audio directly via IP from the studio. This feature not only saves our customers money in their initial investment, but provides a higher audio quality than using analog studio-transmitter links. Evolution Broadcast is a leader in IP technologies, being the first manufacturer to provide this internal functionality.

    shotcast_radioSHOUTcast Inside – More than 20,000 stations already using SHOUTcast

    Streaming your station with SHOUTcast? Our internal IP Codec board, together with our smart automatic input switch is capable of receiving a stream from the SHOUTcast servers enabling your station to stay on the air in case your main studio-transmitter link fails. SHOUTcast can stream audio to the transmitter using bitrates as low as 24 kbit/s, therefore it becomes an extremely useful tool to stream audio to remote broadcast sites using low-speed internet connections and even saving money on satellite data links by reducing the used IP data bandwidth.

    fsk_iderFSK Ider – 100% Ready For FM Translator Sites

    FSK ID programming is built-in to all our products in order to ensure compliance with FCC regulations and the needed on-air identification of translators.

  • digital_audio_with_switchingDigital Audio with Auto Switching – Stay on the Air

    Our standard stereo encoder is compatible with the latest AES/EBU professional digital audio standard, and with optical TOS LINK for redundancy and easy digital connection to low-cost digital media players.

    external_i_o_monitoringExternal I/O’s for Monitoring – Always Backwards Compatible

    Our products come standard with I/O connections for easy interface to old analog site-monitoring systems. Allowing you to be 100% compatible with current monitoring system and providing a smooth transition to IP-based monitoring, which is also included standard in all our FM transmitters for added convenience.

    andriod_and_iphone_appsAndroid & IPhone apps for Monitoring – Monitoring done Right

    You can now control your FM transmitter through our Android and iPhone apps. The apps allow our customers to change power levels, frequency, receive performance alarms, and control audio input levels among some features. Unlike other manufacturers that use web-based solutions ONLY, or complicated RS232 to IP adapter, our apps provide the needed performance stability to monitor the equipment straight form your smart phone providing consistent professional results.

    opus_algorithmCompatible with latest OPUS Algorithm – Leaders in IP Technology

    All transmitters equipped with the optional IP Codec board are compatible with the latest and modern OPUS algorithm, which supports both constant and variable encoding bitrates from 6 kbit/s to 510 kbit/s, and frame sizes of 2.5 ms to 60 ms. OPUS also provides a sampling rate of up to 48 KHz with a bandwidth of 20 kHz, where the entire hearing range of the human auditory system can be reproduced, makign sure the best possible signal is always on the air.


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